The Band Twisted Smoke was founded in August 2007 by five high-school graduates, as the idea of Dan E. Calogovic. We mostly play blues, rhythm'n'blues, country, rock, funk & jazz and our repertoire consists mostly of tributes and covers, but Dan Elwood also writes Songs for the Band. The Band was working in Zurich, Switzerland untill 2013 and did numerous concerts and recorded a studio album there. The members of this formation were as follows: Remo Berger on the blues harmonica, Michael Wegmann on the drumkit and Andy Frei on lead and baritone guitar.
Dan Elwood moved to Zagreb, Croatia in 2014 and a new band was formed there two years later. Since then the band is playing in Zagreb with Mars Margeta on the guitar, KreŇ°imir Leko on bass and Filip Lusavec on the drumkit.